SAVSOL SUPER TURBINE FLUID are high quality long life Turbine oils. They are formulated with highly refined hydro-treated base oils and fortified with Anti-Wear & Rust Inhibitor additives which ensure excellent protection to all components of steam and gas turbines.

  • VG 32
  • VG 46
  • VG 57
  • VG 68

SAVSOL SUPER TURBINE FLUID recommended for use in large Open and Combined Cycle, Gas and Steam Turbines, high speed turbo compressors. These fluids offer long life nearly twice that of conventional turbine oils.

SAVSOL SUPER TURBINE FLUID Turbine Oils meet the specification requirements of leading OEMs like BHEL, Siemens, GE, ABB, Triveni Turbines, DLF and SKODA.

  • IS 1012-2002 Specification.

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