Savita Oil Technologies Ltd is India’s leading petroleum specialities
company and Asia’s first carbon positive petroleum specialties company. It specializes in Transformer Oils, White Mineral Oils, Lubricating and Automotive Oils, and Specialty Polymer products like petroleum jelly, waxes and emulsions.

Savsol Ester5

Savsol Ester 5 is a range with revolutionary lubricant technology containing Esters that underscores our dedication to delivering exceptional products that cater to the evolving needs of our customers. After years of R&D efforts we are proud to be able to deliver this advanced chemistry across a product range, optimized for the everyday commuter.



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Formed in 2007

Savsol was created to bring to the Indian markets a range of quality lubricants and engine oils.

Soon after, strong and rewarding business bonds based on trust, were forged with key OEMs. Bonds that have only strengthened to this day.


Relaunch in 2018

Savsol kept its commitment to delivering world-class products and providing maximum engine performance at a minimum cost to the environment.


Revamp in 2024

Savsol introduced its latest innovation, Savsol Ester 5, featuring an advanced Ester Fluid Technology, marking a significant leap in lubrication technology.


The first Indian company to create a biodegradable transformer fluid.


Also has a Renewable Energy Division with windmills, and an installed cap of 53 MW.


Products and partners spread across 75 countries.

To carry forward its life-long commitment to preserving the environment,
Savita relaunched Savsol Ester5.

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