SAVSOL SUPER TURBINE FLUID AW Series are high quality long life Turbine Oils. They are formulated with highly refined hydro-treated base oils (which have extremely low ‘S’) and fortified with EP & Anti-Wear additives which offer excellent protection to Geared Steam and Gas Turbines. This technology is designed to give outstanding Emulsification performance and turbine oil life.


  • AW 32
  • AW 46
  • AW 68

SAVSOL SUPER TURBINE FLUID AW Oils are recommended for use in large geared, open and combined cycle, gas and steam turbines, high speed turbo compressors, turbo compressors for gas and atomic power generation and turbines that operate under severe operating conditions. These fluids offer long life nearly twice that of conventional turbine oils.

SAVSOL SUPER TURBINE FLUID AW Turbine Oils meet the following performance specification requirements:

  • Siemens TLV 9013 04 (EP)
  • Siemens TLV 9013 05 (EP)
  • Alstom HTGD 90117 W0001 (EP)
  • China’s Turbine Specification GB 11120-2011
  • SKODA Tp 0010P/97
  • GEK 32568G
  • GEK 27070
  • GEK 46505 E
  • CM P-38, P-55, P-5
  • DIN 51524 Part I & Part II
  • Czech Standard CSN65 6620

SAVSOL SUPER TURBINE FLUID AW 32 & 46 are approved by Siemens for both TLV 9013 04 & TLV 9013 05 for Turbines with and without Gear applications. Also approved by DOOSAN SKODA as per Tp 0010P/97.

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