SAVSOL UTTO PLUS is a premium multipurpose Universal Tractor Transmission Oil (UTTO) specially designed with synergistic combination of additive and synthetic base stocks with high viscosity index which provides optimum protection at extreme load conditions and elevated temperatures for tractors and off-road equipment’s.

SAVSOL UTTO PLUS meets the requirement of : Massey Ferguson MF1145, Ford New Holland, J.I. Case, John Deere J20C/D, Volvo WB 101, Allison C4, API GL-4

Available Packs

20 Ltr

5 Ltr

Wet Brake Oil

  • Excellent control on brake chatter noise.
  • Optimum clutch performance.
  • Smooth wet brake and power take-off.
  • Excellent thermal and oxidation stability.
  • Extended seal life span and service life of equipment.
  • Superior low temperature properties.
  • Protects equipment components against wear and scuffing.

SAVSOL UTTO PLUS is recommended for all type of Tractors, Agriculture & Forest Equipment transmissions, Backhoe loaders, Wheel loaders, other earth moving equipments, drives and hydraulic systems. It is very much suitable for wet break applications.

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