SAVSOL ULTRA KES 3 SERIES oils are high performance Power Transmission  Oils designed for automatic, power-shift and manual transmissions of  construction equipment, generators, tractors, trucks etc.  These oils are blended with high quality base stocks and contain special additives to ensure peak performance as per Komatsu Engineering Standards.

Available Packs

210 Ltr

20 Ltr

  • KES 3-10
  • KES 3-30

SAVSOL ULTRA KES 3-10 and 3-30 oils are used as transmission fluids and engine oils for heavy-duty applications such as construction equipments, generators, tractors, trucks etc.. These oils are suitable for use in hydraulic systems, final drive cases and swing machinery where SAE 10 or SAE 30 grade oil is specified.


SAVSOL ULTRA KES 3 SERIES Oils meet the following performance specification requirements:

  • API CF
  • Komatsu Engineering Standard (KES) requirements namely Komatsu Hot Tube Test, Hydrolytic stability Test, Micro Clutch Test and High Temperature Detergency Test

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