SAVSOL THERMIC OIL 32 is excellent heat transfer oil based on specially refined and hydro treated base oils and fortified with modern and effective oxidation inhibitors. The low volatility of the oil prevents build-up of excessive pressures in closed system. Its viscosity is suitable for a high ratio of circulation under a wide range of operating temperatures.

Available Packs

210 Ltr

SAVSOL THERMIC OIL 32 is ideally suitable for long term application in both open and closed heating systems.

  • It can be used up to a bulk temperature of 300°C in closed systems and film temperature of up to 340°C.
  • In Open Systems it can be used up to 200°C

SAVSOL THERMIC OIL 32 is recommended for heat transfer fluid applications in textiles, pharmaceuticals, chemical & processing industries.

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