ESTER5 ESTERMAX 7000 4T 15W-50

Introducing SAVSOL ESTER5 ESTERMAX 7000 4T 15W-50, a top-of-the-line synthetic formula based motor oil enriched with Ester Fluid Technology, engineered to deliver peak performance both on-road and off-road.

Today’s vehicle engines face unprecedented challenges, enduring elevated pressures and temperatures daily. To safeguard these engines against friction, heat, and carbon deposits, Savsol introduces a revolutionary technology enriched with ester compounds—ESTER FLUID TECHNOLOGY. This innovative formula forms an impenetrable oil film, reducing friction and delivering best-in-class protection in high-temperature environments, ensuring smoother and safer rides.

Key Features:

  • Synthetic Formula motor oil featuring Ester Fluid Technology
  • Viscosity: 15W-50, Specifications: API SN JASO MA2
  • JASO MA2 certification guarantees optimal clutch performance during start-up, acceleration, and at full speed
  • API SN rating provides enhanced high-temperature deposit protection for stringent sludge control
  • Engineered for maximum heat protection, minimized carbon deposits & internal friction, and exceptional extreme pressure performance, resulting in increased power output

Equip your vehicles with the unparalleled power of ESTER FLUID TECHNOLOGY. Choose Savsol Ester 5 Range for ultimate engine protection and performance.

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