Savsol Quench MP 8 is Specially formulated low viscosity semi hot Mar-tempering Oil blended from select hydro treated base stocks and modern Anti Oxidant, wetting agents and anti foam additives. It is recommended for uniform hardening of components which are prone to distortion and is suitable for all components including ferrous and non ferrous metals in gears, bearing and other auto components.

Available Packs

210 ltr

64 to 70 cSt

SAVSOL QUENCH MP 8 is recommended for uniform hardening of component/parts which are prone to distortion. It is suitable for components viz., ferrous and non-ferrous metals in Gears, Bearings & other automotive components

Note: The recommended operating temperatures:

For open Quenching = 100⁰C max
Under controlled atmosphere = 120⁰C max.

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