Savsol Quench HT 18 is Hot Quenching Oil specially developed for Mar Quenching, Mar Tempering and Interrupted quenching of auto components. It is formulated with narrow cut hydro treated base stocks and contains select Anti Oxidant, Wetting Agents and Anti Foam additives for superior performance. It is recommended for temperatures between 100 to 160 Deg C.

Available Packs

210 ltr

16 to 20 cSt @ 100°C

SAVSOL QUENCH HT-18 is recommended for high temperature quenching. Hot Quenching involves heating steel components above their transformation range and then quenching into a bath held at high temperature. The components are maintained in the hot oil bath and then cooled in air.

Note: The oil can be used for oil bath temperature between 1000C and 1800C.

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