SAVSOL GREASE XHD-2, & SAVSOL GREASE XHD-0 are multipurpose premium quality Heavy Duty Lithium Greases specially formulated with high-quality mineral oil and advance High-Performance additives. These greases are suitable for industrial applications where extreme pressure and water washout property required.

Available Packs

180 Kg

18 Kg

5 Kg

  • NLGI # 2
  • NLGI # 0

SAVSOL GREASE XHD-2, & SAVSOL GREASE XHD-0 are Suitable for a wide range of industrial uses such as plain and anti-friction bearings in steel mills, paper mills, press machine and generator, pumps, conveyors, compressors, machine tools, gears and various types of couplings and for greasing of Off Highway Construction Equipment.


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