SAVSOL GEAR OIL EP SERIES lubricants are premium quality extreme pressure industrial Gear lubricants meeting the stringent requirements of new generation gears of heavy industrial machinery. These oils are blended with high viscosity index base stocks and EP additives based on Sulphur & Phosphorus chemistry to provide the protection to machine gears against wear and corrosion.

Available Packs

20 ltr

  • VG 68
  • VG 100
  • VG 150
  • VG 220
  • VG 320
  • VG 460

SAVSOL GEAR OIL EP SERIES lubricants can be used in enclosed gear drives of industrial machinery working under heavy to shock load conditions. It can be used for lubrication of roller bearings, chain drives, highly loaded drives under extreme pressure conditions. Also suitable for Systems requiring Anti-Wear properties.

SAVSOL GEAR OIL EP SERIES meet the following performance specification requirements:

  • DIN 51527 Part III
  • David Brown S1.53.101
  • AGMA 9004-E02
  • AISE 224

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