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Why Savsol?

Among India’s top three petroleum specialty companies in India, Savsol has world-class R&D facilities, and a commitment to delivering the best. Not only does it launch products the likes of which India has never seen, as a forward-thinking company it constantly innovates to keep to the changing requirements of the Indian roads.
In its latest avatar, Savsol is launching a wide range of products that actually boost vehicular performance, while sticking to environment norms and at the same time, taking care of the environment.


Automotive Lubricants

Savsol brings a wide range of superior engine oils for both petrol and diesel engines, and an advanced and very ‘accepted’ range of automotive lubricants catering to various applications.

Industrial Lubricants

What your industry needs is to be working at peak efficiency at all times, and that is exactly what Savsol’s range of high-grade lubricants provides: no downtimes. Choose from our range of mineral and synthetic lubricants and high-performance greases.

OEM Genuine Oils

Over the years, Savsol’s range of automotive oils and lubricants have already met the stringent requirements of high-profile OEMs like Hero Motors, Mahindra, Swaraj and more recently, the TATA Group.

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